Capital Punishment

by Consequence

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released March 5, 2016

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Tyler Denslow at KOTP Recordings



all rights reserved


K.O.T.P. Records Tallahassee, Florida

DIY Tallahassee Hardcore

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Track Name: Vices
I've been pulling the weight of my sins.
I've caught myself dragging my feet again.
My conscience is weighing me down.
Lost in my train of thought no direction.
I've seen better days.
They left me behind.
Another dent
Tucked in the fold of my mind.
I'm not at ease
With the way things turned out to be.
I am paying for all my crimes.
Reserve my regrets.
They only serve as restraints.
Pulling and pushing me down.
Can't succumb to my shame.
Every man for himself
We've made it out to be.
But with every vice
I add a scratch to my slate.
Just another scratch to my slate.
Engraved by my wicked ways.
No matter how many times I wash my hands,
They never come clean.
Track Name: Calloused
Another day, another ache.
The hand dealt is against me.
Another day, another mistake.
Is this really my reality?
Digging deeper to find the truth,
But I can never get into the groove.
Always off, I'm always wrong.
I have no one else to turn to.
If I can't trust myself then who can I trust?
I know enough is never enough.
Spent too many years living under the rain
And I'm starting to rust.
My only similarity is the admittance
To this world of not being any different.
So many second guesses,
But never any second chances.
My patience with fate has worn thin.
Used to this cycle, when it rains it's pooring,
But I can't keep being the fucking subject.
The face that bad luck spits in.
This dead skin stained to my hands
Represents what has always been.
So these hands continue to carry the weight
Because I know I'll never see a change.
Track Name: Confinement
I'm confined,
To the walls of my mind.
Secluded thoughts.
foreign all the time.
It's getting hard to tell
My delusions from my own hell.
All I've ever known
Is this place I call my cell.
There's no escape,
The pressures coming down on me.
Nowhere to go.
Deterioration of the soul.
It's been this way,
Trapped in this thought of grey.
I am a slave,
To my mind and I need to break free.
I'm confined,
To the walls of my mind.
Secluded thoughts.
foreign all the time.
It's getting hard to tell
My delusions from my own hell.
All I've ever known
Is this place I call my cell.
There are no boundaries,
To my personal hell.
Inside the skull, my personal cell
Track Name: Man Of Concrete
You thought you had me in your grip.
I broke the ties along with your wrists.
I'll sear every god damn bridge.
The truth always finds its way to surface.
You can't break what doesn't exist.
Pound away with your iron fists.
How can one be absolutely numb?
Hard luck with human touch.
The hand that gives
Is the hand that takes
Fabricate everything
To get through to me.
Isolate me.
I am tired of putting faith
In words that don't mean a thing.
I can't trust what I can't see.
I am the man made of concrete.
Track Name: Capital Punishment
I don't know how many times
I've looked to the sky
And prayed I were dead.
Life's restraints, testing my will,
Hounding down on my existence.
It is what it is. I don't foresee any difference.
I made amends with my iniquities.
But they still remain with me.
Fate steps on my spine
As I pursue a greater life.
Despoil everything that I've ever called mine.
These are the trials to which a boy becomes a man.
Lifted myself with my weather hands.
After its all said and done, who's gonna be there?
Fate, capital punishment. I just don't know how much more I can bear.
I can't bear.