Purple Vestige


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released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


K.O.T.P. Records Tallahassee, Florida

DIY Tallahassee Hardcore

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Track Name: Roots of Inhabitant Infernales
Rampaging on within the confides
Of a weak and sunken shell
Growing tired of manipulation
Breaking nails to escape the well
I seem to face the same obstacles set by my brain and all though I can pray that bastard God drove me insane
The sorrow is immortal
Dropped through witchs portal

Carnage falls from the light above
striking fiercely upon my skull, what is the hell I have been tossed in I feel the hands give a rapid pull
Stuck in what I can not tell but I distinctly remember the smell
The grinding of meat and bones Iam neither in heaven nor hell
The kind of evil that makes men scream to the point that the throat shall swell this is where hthe turley convicted are banished to eternally dwell
Salivation for salvation drips from my cheeks as I pray to death
I reach out to the sky's in hope to feel the martyrs hand
Track Name: A Mendax King is Slain
A savage man birthed from the bastard lands, the seed that made him was planted by an evil hand, another dammed, another soiled barley man, another sham, another body for the wicked clan
The burst of light from the relic sheath, a sound that forces you to grind your teeth, smoke infused with the stench of meat, reaping what's sowed by another's deed
A drop of milk from mothers teet
To cool your tongue from hellish heat
A pressing towards what can't be beat
Dreading the prophecy to take the seat
Torturous morals youll fucking burn like the mortals, no higher power can save you from this definite turmoil, the blood for the oil, a trade that only leaves coiled, the piles of the dead that tried to stop and were foiled,
The crown that's placed upon your head makes you no more than man over fed I stare into the the pool and cleanse my hands of soul that stood in way of plans
You seem displeased but you still fall to your knees
Vessels storm towards the open beach only to be brought down by my reach, thee veil reich I've been damed to lead is draining me of everything
Now is the new reign
Now is the meaning of pain
Forgotten flesh line the walls of the home
Where in secret was the gaining of the throne
The thorns that line the chair cut a line finer than hairs
Track Name: Infancy of the Hags Curse
Awaken in human waste
Who's is this who's to blame
What is this place I have been tossed to I've forgotten myself
Who's to blame for the pain that I feel inside myself
Will the curse be lifted or will I always have to be a slave
And the bastard son that is me

The horrors I've seen bound at my feet carry the blade across my eyes what can I try to scrap grasping for air gripping