by Spoke 2 Soon

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released September 4, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Tyler Denslow at KOTP Recordings



all rights reserved


K.O.T.P. Records Tallahassee, Florida

DIY Tallahassee Hardcore

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Track Name: Reverse This Curse
dont move 2 fast
1 step could be your last
2 late 2 erase
failure lies in your fate

crush your world
force out hypocrites
from mankind
take no prisoners
reverse this cure
life of agony
from the start

face the truth
you never think things through
cant run and hide
unleashed a genocide
you moved 2 fast
back 2 the wicked path
another roll of the dice
taste your own demise
Track Name: Spoke 2 Soon
hold your ears
you cant take the truth
sick of waiting
for you 2 choose
whose side you're gonna take
which promise you're gonna break this time

you said
you wouldn't change
I see the same things day after day
I'm sure
you're nothing more
nothing more than a fairweather fake

so confused yet you seem so amused
did I speak 2 soon
you'll forget everything that you stood for
once this means nothing 2 you

close your mouth
and just look around
we laughed at them
that's who you are now
sit back as I predict
the next thing that you quit

you guaranteed this wouldn't happen 2 you
maybe this time I spoke 2 soon
Track Name: Stepping Stone
fell right into your game
another pawn in your rise 2 fame
all your promises got my attention
I should have seen your real intentions
you use my name
as a means 2 escape
your pathetic life, so stuck in the past
count it down til you're the next outcast

I'm not your stepping stone
I'm not your way ahead
won't be your stepping stone
don't you ever forget

won't fall into your trap
I'm in control now, there's no turning back
I can't wait 2 get you off my case
time for me 2 put you back - in your place