The Great Betrayal

by Mercy Kill

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


K.O.T.P. Records Tallahassee, Florida

DIY Tallahassee Hardcore

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Track Name: Rat's Nest
Rats nest
Go ahead, and run your mouth.
This is it, I'm calling you out.

Fending for yourself and local fame
Forever wanting more, monetary game
Now realize your time is through
This will go on, without you.

Cursing what you claim to love makes you a fucking joke
Acting like your owed something, makes me fucking choke.

At first we didnt have a clue
A product of your own selfish greed
What meant so little to you
Means so much more to me

What meant so little to you
Means so much more to me
What meant to little to you
Means so much more, to us.
Track Name: Waterworks
The guilt I feel
I now know, your pain was real
For what we went through
I should a been there for, you

You're a coward, a true coward
The voice says inside my head
A false image of a real man
Only strong enough to pretend
But when needed the most
I buckled and bent

You held it down
When I checked out
When I quit
You stepped it up
Thank you for saving me
From myself
Thank you for pulling me
From my mental hell

Without you
I am weak
But with you
I can do anything
You're my everything
You're what pumps life through my veins
My one and only
You're what pumps life through m
Track Name: Hang Em High/Punch Party ft. Kayla Bergeron
Did you even know her name?
When you made your choice
Living in a prison of shame
A fallen angel with no voice

She lay there, praying for an end
Fuck your entitlement, and thinking that she's yours
Finish up, feeling like a man
Close the door, no feelings of remorse

In a world where its glamorized
Being misled to accept
It's her fault for what she wore that night
These ways go unchecked

When the victim is crucified
And the wolf runs free
Open your eyes and realize
It's up to you and me

Think not twice
For wicked life
Take the knife
Bleed them dry

Fuck you.

You watched her chivalry bend,
all she wanted was for this to end.
Put aside all her pride,
and block out all the thoughts from that night
Track Name: Perdition
What will your legacy be
Fill your pockets while condemning
Those in need and watching them die
Just to make another dime

Lust for power
Thoughts of greed
Shades of green
Is all you see

Lust for power
Thoughts of greed
Why can't you see

Like a snake slithering away
Exchanging money for less fortunate lives
enemy of the human race
Killer of those you deprive

I'll never get what makes you tick
No remorse, no humanity
Devil willing, your deaths not quick
For your greed and vanity

For the voiceless we will speak
Drag your lifeless body through the street
You thought you had it all figured out
This time death pulls you down.

You've sat on your throne
For far to long
Time to give up the crown
The devil's waiting, so come along
This time death pulls you down.
Track Name: Boneyard ft. Stikman
I see the fear in your eyes
That Your hood can't hide
You wanna war to divide
With the dead you will unify

Die Nazi Die

The white sheet you give praise
I know why you shield your face
Weak minded, bred to hate
Hide in plain site, infiltrate
Exchanging nooses and burning crosses
For badges, and suits and political clauses
No longer can you hide away
Now you face a coward's fate

You discriminate we annihilate
Extinguishing the flames of hate
Jesus can't save you hell awaits

It is time to
purge the

Weak minded and bred to hate
No longer can you run away
Time is up, exterminate
Now you face, a coward's fate.